Hello Sunshine! Free delivery within the United Kingdom for orders over £50.00


Here are some frequently asked questions we receive:

1. Do your products come with a warranty?

Our earrings are made to last in order to prevent wasteful overconsumption - a major issue in the fashion industry today. Due to this, they do not come with a warranty for manufacturers faults. However, in the unlikely event there are any issues please get in touch at hello@woodenelement.co.uk.

The same goes for our wallets, they are made with great care and to last. We also provide complimentary screwdrivers and screws in each gift box for your convenience. In the unlikely event there are any issues please get in touch at hello@woodenelement.co.uk.

2. What is your return policy?

We are dedicated to providing you with the best service, quality products, and hope you love your purchase.

However, if you change your mind and wish to return your purchase you will have a 30 day return window (inclusive of the weekends). You will be refunded (excluding shipping) via your original payment method within 7 working days of us receiving the returned item.

Please note: Any returned products must be brand new and in an unsoiled/unworn condition.

Any accessories that are sent back in a soiled/used/stained condition will be sent back to the customer with no refund. There are no exceptions.

To initiate the return of your unused, as-new purchase within our 30 day return period, please email us at hello@woodenelement.co.uk

The 30 day return period starts from the date the products are delivered.

For any customised items, all sales are final.

3. What if the item arrives damaged in the post?

We will ensure your item is packaged securely, but situations can happen! In this situation, please take a picture of the damaged item as soon as possible.

Then, send your enquiry with the picture to hello@woodenelement.co.uk

4. Where do you ship? Do you ship internationally?

We ship within the U.K where we are based, and internationally.

5. How much is shipping?

Within the U.K Shipping is free for all orders over £40.00, and £1.50 for orders under this amount. 

Outside of the U.K, we currently have two rates. 

To destinations within Europe Shipping is the equivalent of £10.00. 

To destinations in the rest of the world we charge the equivalent of £14.00.

Please note, customers based outside of the U.K will be responsible for any import or customs fees incurred at the destination country.

Customers based in the United States, Canada or surrounding territories please go to mywoodenelement.com - the U.S arm of our website. 

6. What are your shipping methods? 

We currently use Royal Mail 2nd class Signed For (within the U.K) and Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed for Europe and the Rest of the world.

**If we are away on holiday, we'll provide an expected return date in the black announcement bar on the home page**

7. Do you have care instructions for your products?

Care instructions for the wooden parts of our products

We recommend using a food grade mineral oil once a month during dry months (using during winter months). If you live in an area with year around dry climate, we recommend application monthly.

Simply dip a Q-tip into the mineral oil, and apply sparingly to the wood gently. This prevents the wood from drying out, and keeps your accessory looking fresh and crisp. 

Care instructions for the metal parts of our earrings

The metal used in our earrings is either stainless steel or a copper alloy. Both metals are hypoallergenic, and all of our earrings are lead and nickel free.
Our earrings are built to last and the metal used is treated with a special lacquer to prevent oxidation (a natural chemical reaction which can cause skin to go green, when excessive moisture is present).

If you keep your earrings dry, clean and in good condition there should not be any green markings on your skin. Please do not swim or bathe in them to ensure they look their best and preserve their beauty. We have many customers who have had our earrings for many years, and we gave never received any complaints about any green markings on skin.    

9. Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Apple Pay, PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Shop Pay and more.

At retail events, we use square to process our point of sale transactions for all major debit and credit cards. 

10. Do you take wholesale or custom orders?

Yes, we are happy to take wholesale orders. 

Custom orders will be subject to a minimum order amount for our earrings- because of this we generally complete custom orders for wholesale only. 

Please email hello@woodenelement.co.uk to enquire further about the wholesale partners we work with.

11. Are you interested in working with distributors?

Yes we are happy to work with candid, reputable and likeminded businesses that can help grow our brand. Please email us at hello@woodenelement.co.uk if you are interested in a partnership.

12. Do your products come with a case? 

Our earrings will arrive in a cute reusable velvet pouch, delivered within biodegradable and recyclable packaging that's made from recyclable material.

Our wallets will arrive in an attractive wooden element branded black box. As above, this will be delivered within biodegradable and recyclable packaging that is made from recyclable material.

We will constantly review our packaging to ensure we are using the most protective and sustainable option possible.

13. How long does it take to process orders?

Within 24-48 hours from when an order is placed and payment is made.

We do not process orders on Sundays. We also do not process orders on major holidays as we are closed. 

**If we are away on holiday, we'll provide an expected return date in the black announcement bar on the home page - this will affect processing times**

14. Where are you based?

Wooden Element U.K is based in Digbeth, Birmingham, U.K

15. Why should I purchase from Wooden Element UK?

First of all, we know you have many options available to you, and we are very grateful to you for supporting our brand.

We see several reasons to support Wooden Element. We are a small family business, and you would be supporting a local business. You would be supporting a woman owned, as well as ethnic-minority owned business. You would be supporting a business that actively uplifts the women in our workforce. (as of now we have 9 women who are direct employees/associates). 

You would be supporting a business that has a documented history of giving back. (While we are on the topic, W.E UK would like to involve our customers in the process of selecting a good cause, subscribe to our mailing list for details).

You would be supporting a business that respects, and values all employees/associates at all stages of the supply and sales-chain (generous wage structure, bonus incentives, effective communication, and kindness in how we conduct our business). 

Lastly, you would be supporting a customer focused-business that diligently attempts to grow and learn from customer and employee feedback and engagement.

Please feel free to reach out via hello@woodenelement.co.uk and our social media channels.

16. What are the benefits of your wooden accessories? 

We only use natural wood to craft our products and our jewellery is hypoallergenic. For people with sensitive skin, our wooden products can help prevent skin reactions. And you can rest assured that our products are all lead and nickel free.

Our accessories are lightweight, and are extremely comfortable. Our earrings are almost as light as a feather. This makes them very attractive to customers. 

Our products are ethically sourced, and we strive to provide increasingly sustainable wooden accessories. Our core business ethos is to be environmentally conscious.

We repurpose packing material, up-cycle wood material and use environmentally friendly resin for our earrings. We also obtain ethically sourced wood for woodworking.

Our earrings are also Vegan-friendly, as they only contain plant based components. 

Our accessories are made to last - directly tackling wasteful overconsumption that historically has defined the fashion industry.

Any other questions you have that are not answered here, please email: hello@woodenelement.co.uk - we would love to hear from you!